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Meditation Promotes enlightenment

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

by George Thomas

Through meditation I have lost anger, anxiety, depression, low self worth, fear, grief, and failure. The mind is everything, what you think you become-- Buddha.

Meditation at Sunset in the Clouds on the Gulf

There are many forms, lengths, styles, and purposes for meditating. Depending on your available time you can utilize in-motion, spot, micro, standard, and deep meditation for the experienced meditator. The most popular forms today are Transcendental and Mindfulness meditations. Just starting this new habit will bring peace, reduce stress, and increase conscious awareness.

>Transcendental is the process of repeating a silent mantra like “Relax, relax, relax” or any other term that resonates.

>Mindfulness is being detached, an observer outside your thoughts, introspective.

It is very effective to help people become aware of their behavioral effect on the world around them. As a beginner flowing with a practice you are drawn too helps create a new routine for life that will expand overtime with practice. The types of meditation include:

In-Motion meditation


at Stop light

Micro-meditation after lunch or for 5 minutes on break to disconnect and recharge.

· In-Motion is focusing on the physical action, surroundings, & at a surface depth.

· Spot is in-between motions, like at the stop light, focus on breathing (surface depth).

· Micro 5 min.’s for focus, settle the mind, let go, and breathe anywhere you can.

· Standard Maintenance 15-45 minutes long, a great practice in the evening before bed.

· Deep Meditations is longer than 45 minutes taking you deeper into your conscious mind.

The most important part of meditation is to start a regular practice. There is evidence based clinical studies showing meditation supports stress-anxiety reduction, pain management, heart disease prevention, and a stronger resilience to the impact of everyday modern life.

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